This "assembling" of exsiccata and this collection of pictures would never have been possible without the participation of multiple participants, met at conferences or meetings in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, France, Portugal, field trips with teachers of various Algerian Universities and students, including PhD students, with friends, passionate for nature, etc. It was often an occasion of very friendly moments. The flora, such as wildlife, and ecosystems (landscapes!) have an attractive aspect, which often escapes our contemporaries.

Also, to say flora, is to evoke a multitude of faces.

I would mention among them some collectors, often the "discoverers" and those who allowed me to identify many species. Among the first, many Algerian friends or expatriates, academic or otherwise, of which it is difficult to mention all the names (they will know!)

Among the latter:

This work finally is largely dependent on meetings, contacts and exchanges provided by four workshops organized and funded by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (I.U.C.N.) which were held in: